Environment flags view

The environment flags view is at the heart of how you control and manage your feature flags. From this single view you can see the current state of your feature flags and the value being delivered to your application.

Table of contents

The environment flag view

In the environment flag view you can see all the main data relating to your flag in the current environment. From this view you can see the following.

  • Flag key
  • If the flag state, if it's enabled or disabled
  • The current value being delivered for this flag
  • A quick view of any percentage rollouts or user targets sets for this flag

The flag key

The flag key is the value you use in your code and in the Floodgate SDK to request the current value of the flag

The flag state

Floodgate gives you the ability to turn off a feature flag completely per environment. When the flag is disabled no information about the flag will be returned to the Floodgate SDK and calling application. This means the application will serve the default value which is stated in your application code.

Default delivery value

This shows the current default value being delivered to the application. If the flag has a percentage rollout or user targeting enabled it's important to note that the default value may not always be the value returned to the application.

When a percentage rollout or user targeting is configured for the flag you can get more details of the configuration by clicking the icon on the right hand side.

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