Multivariate feature flags

A multivariate feature flag gives you the ability to deliver values back to your application other than boolean true and false. Multivairate feature flags are a great way to run experiments in your application and with your users.

Table of contents

Creating a multivariate feature flag

To create a multivariate feature flag select Multivariate as the Flag Type on the Create New Feature Flag page. You can add up to 10 variations for each multivariate feature flag. To add a new variation press the button.

When creating a multivariate feature flag you will can set the initial value which will be assigned to the flag in existing and newly created environments.

Multivariate feature flag example

When creating a multivariate feature flag you are able to create multiple return values for your flag. The example below shows a feature flag for defining the colour of a buy now button from a retail website. This multivariate feature flag would change the colour of the buy now button on the website. The click rate of the button would be tracked along with the colour of the button. This simple multivariate feature flag experiement would allow us to see if a certain button colour resulted in more sales.

Multivariate feature flag values can be either string or number.