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An application is a way for you to manage multiple different objectives from a single Floodgate account. For example, you can create a separate Floodgate application for each of the applications/development projects you are working on within your business.

Inside each application you will have environment and flags. To learn more, read Environments.

The diagram below show how applications are structured and how they are separated from each other.

Floodgate Applications

Switching Between Applications

You can switch between applications using the Application Switcher located at the top of the main navigation. Clicking this will open the Application Switcher box as shown below.

Floodgate Applications

Creating a New Application

To create an application in Floodgate you need to be the account owner or be assigned the Administrator role.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings page from the main navigation menu.

  2. Select Applications from the Account Settings sub menu.

  3. Click the Create Application button top right.

  4. On the Create new Application page enter a name for the application. It's a good idea to name your applications after the applications/projects you are working on in the real-world.

  5. By default a new environemnt called Production will be created for you, however you can change this name by entering another name in the Environment textbox.

  6. Enter a description for the application if required.

  7. To create the application click Save.


You can restrict who has access to the application by assigning the relevant team members permissions on the Team Members Permission page. By default new applications are not accessible by anyone other than the account Owner and Administrators.